Show Keystrokes on your Screen (Ubuntu 23.04)

2023-09-03 136 words 1 min read

Sometimes you may want to show your keystoroke on the screen, for example, during a presentation.

For this, I use screenkey.

In this article, I’ll show you how to install/use Screenkye.

1 Environment

  • OS: Ubuntu Mate 23.04 on VirtualBox] on Windows 11.

2 Installl screenkey:

To install Screenky on Ubuntu, type this in your terminal:

sudo apt -y install screenkey
Code Snippet 1: Install Screenkye

3 Start Screnkey

Then start screenkey from your terminal:

Code Snippet 2: Start Screenkey

After that, screenkey’s menu apeears on the main menu.

Screenkye Icon on Main Menu

Figure 1: Screenkye Icon on Main Menu

Select “Preferences”, and set diaplay duration etc.

Screenkye Prefs

Figure 2: Screenkye Prefs.

…and you can see keystorokes are shown on the screen:

Figure 3: Screenkey in Action

Figure 3: Screenkey in Action

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