Bind "muhenkan" key to evil-escape in Spacemacs

2023-09-08 102 words 1 min read

In vim and hybrid editing styles in Spaecemacs, you hit “ESC” key frequently to escape to “normal mode”. But “ESC” keye is far away from the home row.

In a Japanse 106 keyboard, there some unused keys:

Japanese 106 Keyboard

図1: Japanese 106 Keyboard

So bind “muhenkan” key (lett to the spacebar) to =evil-escape" to espcape to normal mode.

Add this to your Emacs configuration:

(define-key global-map (kbd "<muhenkan>") 'evil-escape)
ソースコード 1: Bind "muhenkan" key to =evil-escape"

If you do not use a Japanese keybord, please replace “<muhenkan>” with the key you want to use.

That’s all. Enjoy!

Tags: Emacs

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