Reference to LaTeX math in ox-hugo

2019-04-02 161 words 1 min read

In Org-mode, you can reference LaTeX math, with \ref{eq:1}, but in ox-hugo it does not work by default.

This math sinippet:

y = ax + b

this puroduces this:

\begin{equation} \label{eq:01} y = ax + b \end{equation}

Here I referece Eq. \ref{eq:02} (Eq(\ref{eq:02}). Without the settings below, this reference does not work.

Make static/mathjax-config.js as follows (take from ox-hugo’s test site):

Code Snippet 1: static/mathjax-config.js (javascript)
window.MathJax = {
    displayAlign: "center",
    displayIndent: "0em",
    "HTML-CSS": { scale: 100,
                  linebreaks: { automatic: "false" },
                  webFont: "TeX"
    SVG: {scale: 100,
          linebreaks: { automatic: "false" },
          font: "TeX"},
    NativeMML: {scale: 100},
    TeX: { equationNumbers: {autoNumber: "AMS"},
           MultLineWidth: "85%",
           TagSide: "right",
           TagIndent: ".8em"

And call it from a template which calls Javasctipt (like layouts/partial/header.html):

<script src='' async></script>
<script src="{{ "mathjax-config.js" | absURL }}"></script>

Lets' reference some equations.

y = ax + b

\begin{equation} \label{eq:02} \y = ax + b \end{equation}

Here, referencing Eq. \ref{eq:01}.

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