Change LaTeX emph with line marker style

2019-04-05 139 words 1 min read

Lets change LaTeX emph command to look with line markers.

We redefine LaTeX \emph like this.

Gothic, Bold
Italic, Bold

We use uline--.sty. Because uline--.sty is not a standar LaTeX style, please download from this site:

This howo to redefine the emph command:

Code Snippet 1: Redefine emph (latex)


With this, this Org-mode snippet:

Code Snippet 2: 強調の例 (org)
/強調の行です。 This is emph/ 。うまくいくかな?

converts to LaTeX like this:

\emph{強調の行です。 This is emph} 。うまくいくかな?

This will be typese in LaTeX like this:

Figure 1: LaTeX Sample

Figure 1: LaTeX Sample

Tags: LaTeX

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